ESPA changed its name to ESPA 2025, S.L., which enhanced the brand value and thought it would accept more challenges and opportunities.
◆  ESPA set up branches in India and the Middle East.
◆  ESPA set up a branch in Russia, it is to occupy the Eastern European market. In the same year, the Tecnoplus series of water pumps were launched, and the built-in variable speed system of the product meets the user's boosting needs.
◆  ESPA establishes an office in Brazil. At the same time, the high-power machinery produced by ESPA enables it to provide professional solutions for residential and commercial water treatment systems.
◆ ESPA home booster pump is officially launched.
◆ ESPA acquired the Pompes Guinard factory in France and directly supplied to the local market.
◆  ESPA established a branch in Italy to consolidate the European market and opened the German market with a new idea of the award-winning rainwater collection system.
◆ ESPA's branch in Latin America is located in Chile, and it has also set up a branch in Argentina in the coming year.
◆ In order to adapt to the rapid growth of the Asian market, ESPA established a branch in China, and put emphasis on family and residential swimming pool equipment.
◆ With Madrid as the center, a total of 9 offices are set up in Spain to provide a full range of services. At the same time, the circulating small water pump manufactured by ESPA marks that ESPA has officially entered the field of household private swimming pool water filtration.
◆ For the first time, ESPA has developed a multi-stage centrifugal pump, which clarifies the irreplaceable position of ESPA in European manufacturers.
◆  ESPA opened its first overseas branch in France, and opened a branch in Portugal in the same year.
ESPA evacuated the Banyoles center and moved to a modern industrial area on the outskirts of Banyoles.

◆ ESPA focuses on the world vision and manufactures a new water pump product portfolio, which meets the Spanish market demand and consolidates the industrial structure.
ESPA was established in the industrial area of Banyoles, a town in northeastern Spain.

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