Two sessions|Deputy to the National People's Congress: It is recommended that swimming skills be inc
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Two sessions|Deputy to the National People's Congress: It is recommended that swimming skills be included in compulsory education compulsory courses

"Restricting swimming is not an effective measure to prevent drowning accidents. Learning to swim is an effective way to prevent students from drowning. Learning to swim must be a basic life skill." Yang Deqin, deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the Scientific Research and Supervision Office of the Three Gorges Tourism Vocational and Technical College It is recommended that "swimming education" should be regarded as an innovative education in primary and secondary schools, and swimming skills should be included in the compulsory education of national primary and secondary schools.


    She suggested that finances at all levels should increase their budgets for swimming education funds in primary and secondary schools, and that new primary and secondary schools should incorporate the construction standard "swimming pool" into the school construction plan. For schools that cannot build swimming pools on campus, off-campus social resources can be used for swimming skills training. At the same time, encourage social funds to build their own swimming pools to serve the swimming education of primary and middle school students.

    As for the corresponding teachers, Yang Deqin believes that a group of part-time swimming instructors and lifeguards can be trained from teachers, or social organizations can be entrusted to carry out swimming teaching and training outside the school through the purchase of services. It is necessary to "be able to swim and understand lifesaving" as one of the necessary conditions for the school to recruit new physical education teachers. The administrative department of education and sports shall formulate and implement a plan for the allocation of swimming instructors, strive to build a team of specialized and combined teachers, and implement a certified swimming teacher on duty.

    The representative of the National People's Congress suggested that all levels of finance should increase the budget for the funding of swimming education in primary and secondary schools. Then the question arises, how much will it cost to build a swimming pool? In fact, there are many factors involved in this issue, and the site, size, type, equipment, waterproofing, etc. will all affect the cost of the swimming pool. Today I will share with you that when you plan to build a swimming pool, you need to consider and understand clearly those things about the swimming pool...


1. Site selection

The choice of venue has a certain impact on the cost of the pool. For example, whether the ground is level and compacted; whether outdoor swimming pools need to be built with a sun room; the temperature-controlled swimming pool should consider the height of the floor, which may cause rapid heat dissipation; the venues located on the upper floors should also consider whether to disperse the load or strengthen.

Swimming pools generally have higher load-bearing requirements, especially civil swimming pools. The outdoor swimming pool should consider whether it will sink to prevent the pool from cracking due to insufficient ground load. Indoor swimming pools need to be reinforced. Generally, the upper floors of shopping malls carry 300-500 kg/square, and the reinforcement factor is 1.5 times the pool depth.

In addition, when choosing the area of the site, you must choose according to the type of swimming pool. The full-standard swimming pool generally requires 3000 square meters of space and 100 square meters of equipment room. The half-standard swimming pool requires 450 square meters of field and 25 square meters of equipment room.


2. Swimming pool type

Generally can be divided into reinforced concrete swimming pool and modern overall swimming pool.

① Reinforced concrete swimming pool


In the past, traditional swimming pools were mainly made of reinforced concrete structures. At present, they are widely used and have good integrity and flexibility. If the budget is sufficient to match the high-end stone and surface tiles, they can show a better texture and look. .

Process: earthwork excavation-pool bottom compaction-concrete cushion-steel bar binding-formwork production-concrete pouring-formwork removal-waterproof and protective layer construction-surface layer paving.

② Modern integrated swimming pool

As the market continues to develop, more convenient overall swimming pools are favored by more and more people. Compared with traditional swimming pools, in addition to better quality and faster installation, it also has the advantages of disassembly and reconstruction, low requirements on the grassroots, no damage to the installation environment, reusable accessories, energy saving and environmental protection, and simple maintenance.


3. Size and water depth

There are standard swimming pools and special-shaped swimming pools. Take the standard rectangular swimming pool, the general private leisure pool size is about 10m (length) * 8m (width), the standard competition pool is 50m (length) * 21m (width), and the Olympic swimming pool requires a width of 25m.

In addition, different water depths have very different costs. The water depth of the large-scale formal competition swimming pool is above 1.8 meters; the general adult swimming pool is 1.2 meters-1.6 meters deep, the children's swimming pool is 1.2 meters deep, and the paddling pool is 0.4 meters-0.8 meters deep.


4. Water treatment equipment

To build a swimming pool, in addition to having a stable body and reliable waterproofing, it must also have matching equipment such as circulation, filtration, disinfection, and heating. The difference between high-end and low-end equipment can be more than 10 times, so you should pay attention to your own The swimming pool has sufficient expectations, which equipment and water quality can be used to obtain a more accurate quotation.

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5. Waterproof method

Waterproofing is a very important part of swimming pool construction. The commonly used waterproof materials are mainly divided into three categories: pool paint, pool tiles and pool film.

The swimming pool waterproof paint has simple construction and low cost. But it may fade and affect life. Especially the outdoor swimming pools are often exposed to sunlight. In addition, the paint is volatile and may interact with the disinfectant to produce harmful substances.

Mosaic swimming pool tiles are commonly found in civil swimming pools, with stable chemical properties and rich patterns and colors. However, the requirements for construction technology, auxiliary materials, and workers are relatively high. If the construction is improper, the auxiliary materials are of poor quality or are affected by the hot and cold expansion of the pool water, the bricks will often crack and fall off after a period of time.

Swimming pool film is a new type of material specially developed for swimming pool waterproofing and decoration applications. It is easy to install, economical and practical. However, there are domestic and imported adhesive films. The domestic splicing film has insufficient tension and strength due to the imperfect technology, and the color of the film will fade and change under the action of the swimming pool disinfectant. The price is different from the imported film. Several times.

In summary, the cost of swimming pools will be affected by various factors. Therefore, if you are planning to build a swimming pool and want to know how much it will cost, you must first determine your own site conditions, pool type, size, water depth, required equipment, and waterproofing issues, so that you can get a relatively accurate preliminary quotation. Of course, a more detailed specific quotation can only be finalized after communication between the two parties and equipment selection.

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