Ten advantages of air heat pumps to help win the blue sky defense battle
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Air energy heat pumps have become one of the "main forces" to win the blue sky defense due to their distinctive features of energy saving and environmental protection.

Air energy heat pumps have become one of the "main forces" to win the blue sky defense due to their distinctive features of energy saving and environmental protection. So, what are the specific advantages of air heat pumps?

1. High efficiency and energy saving

The principle of air energy heat pump heating is to absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air, convert it into high-temperature heat energy through the compressor, and then transfer the heat to the water, and transfer the heat into the room through the water pipe. The entire working process consumes very little electrical energy to drive the compressor and absorb the free heat in the air. Only a small amount of electric energy is consumed, and the consumed electric energy can be converted into heat energy more than three times to achieve heating.

2. High cost performance

The air-energy heat pump can be used for one machine and dual purpose. It can be used as an air-conditioning cold source in summer and as a heat source for swimming pool heating in winter.

3. Safety and environmental protection

The air energy heat pump does not use gas, coal, oil, no open flame, and no toxic and harmful gas emissions; water and electricity are separated, and there are no electronic components in the water tank, so it is not only environmentally friendly, but also greatly avoids fire, explosion, poisoning, and electric shock And other security incidents.

4. Automatic intelligence

The air energy heat pump has a built-in microcomputer security system. As long as the user sets it up for the first time, the unit will automatically perform water replenishment, heating, power off, heat preservation and heating according to the outdoor temperature and hot water in the tank, without manual duty.

5. Easy installation

Air energy heat pumps are not restricted by geology, pipelines, and supplies. They can be installed as long as there are air circulation corners. The area is small. The power configuration is equivalent to the distribution of summer air conditioners. Therefore, users do not need power expansion. An important reason why energy heat pumps are widely used.

6. Wide application

The application of air energy heat pump covers domestic and commercial hot water, heating and other fields, covering the market capacity of more than one trillion, and based on "heating technology", it is continuously extending outwards.

7. Market technology is mature

After more than ten years of exploration, the air energy heat pump has overcome the problems of frost and frost and temperature difference of the outdoor unit from scratch, from small to large, and has formed an increasingly perfect industrial system, and many professional brands have emerged.

8. Intelligent control

Based on the fuzzy principle, the intelligent control dynamically detects the user load and maintains the load dynamic matching and stable operation after reaching the set temperature.

9. Market demand for clean energy

Air energy heat pumps mainly use the energy in the air to "manufacture" hot water, which is clean and environmentally friendly during work, does not produce air pollutants, and does not use coal, natural gas and other non-renewable energy sources.

10. Comfortable and safe

The air energy heat pump can provide hot water 24 hours a year, comfortable and pleasant temperature during heating; when cooling, by connecting the central fan coil, the cold air is sent from the air outlet of the ceiling, and the water is used as the medium, the temperature fluctuation is small, the cooling is sent The wind is gentle, the temperature is high, not dry, not humid, more suitable for the temperature difference suitable for the human body physiology, and the overall comfort is high.

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