What equipment does the swimming pool need
What equipment does the swimming pool need

1. Swimming pool circulating filter system equipment

The water volume of swimming pool is large. If it is not recycled, in order to ensure the health of the pool water, it is difficult for every pool owner to supplement the fresh water and discharge part of the polluted pool water. At the same time, it also causes a huge waste of water resources, which is not desirable for the lack of water resources in China.


Therefore, the swimming pool circulating filtration system is an essential equipment for swimming pool water treatment. It can filter the impurities in the water, purify the water pool, extend the use time of the water quality, keep the water clean and healthy, and reduce the maintenance cost of the swimming pool management.


2. Swimming pool disinfection equipment

Swimming pool disinfection equipment is also one of the basic configuration of a swimming pool. The water treatment of swimming pool is an important link, which directly affects the water quality of the swimming pool not up to the standard. The pool disinfection equipment can be divided into dosing metering pump, dosing device, ozone generator, salt and chlorine machine, copper and silver ion sterilizer.


3. Constant temperature swimming pool equipment

Constant temperature swimming pool equipment is to ensure the temperature of water in the swimming pool. Now more and more swimming pools choose to keep their temperature constant, because they can enjoy swimming in the swimming pool all year round. Constant temperature swimming pool equipment can be divided into boiler heating, plate heat exchanger heating, heat pump heating, etc. Generally, heat pumps are widely used for constant temperature heating. Boilers are suitable for heating in cold weather places such as the north. However, there are special low-temperature heat pump units, but the cost will be very high.


4. Pool cleaning equipment

Swimming pool cleaning equipment is also one of the basic configuration of swimming pool. In addition to the basic circulating water treatment equipment and disinfection equipment, a swimming pool needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned, which is also a way to ensure the water quality of the pool. Swimming pool cleaning equipment can be divided into three types: cleaning tools seven piece set, shore based manual swimming pool suction machine, full-automatic swimming pool suction machine.

5. Pool lighting

Underwater lights beautify swimming pool, including pool wall lights, waterproof cables, etc.

6. Pool shore facilities

Such as escalator, departure platform, lifebuoy, life chair, beach chair, coffee table, sun umbrella, etc.

7. Water quality testing equipment

Water quality monitor, water inspection box and water temperature meter.

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