Why should constant temperature dehumidification heat pump be used in indoor swimming pool?
Why should constant temperature dehumidification heat pump be used in indoor swimming pool?

(1) Problems of air conditioning, dehumidification and pool water heating in general swimming pool area

For the healthy swimming pool, the daily energy consumption is mainly the cost of air conditioning cooling in summer and heating in winter and pool water heating, so it is very important to choose the appropriate air conditioning and pool water heating system. For the design of air conditioning and water heating parts in the swimming pool area, the following problems generally exist:

1. Harm to health: due to a large amount of water evaporation and chlorine volatilization in the swimming pool area, the water vapor content and chlorine content in the air are increased, which seriously affects the health of swimmers.

2. Dehumidification problem is serious: in addition to meeting the indoor air requirements in the air conditioning design process, humidity regulation is more important. The swimming pool area is a high humidity environment. In addition to the high content of water vapor and chlorine in the air, it is easy to produce a large number of bacteria, molds and viruses, which can easily damage the indoor air quality and decoration materials. The dehumidification process is the main problem of the swimming pool throughout the year.

3. High operating costs: for business places, the level of daily operating costs in the future l
argely determines the profitability of the project. Traditional air conditioning and water heating cannot achieve comprehensive utilization of energy, which will cause a lot of consumption, resulting in a staggering waste.

4. There are many kinds of equipment and difficult operation: there are many kinds of air conditioning and heating equipment installed in the traditional way. The operators need to operate a large number of equipment skillfully. First, they have high requirements for operators. Second, they have scattered equipment, difficult operation and waste of energy.

(2) Constant temperature dehumidification heat pump in swimming pool creates comfortable swimming pool environment

The dehumidification requirements of indoor swimming pool are very strict. Therefore, dehumidification heat pump is specially designed and manufactured to solve the problems related to indoor swimming pool. It integrates the three functions of pool water heating, dehumidification and air conditioning, maintains the constant temperature and humidity of indoor swimming pool, and the energy consumption is far lower than other methods. In addition, the pool dedicated heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier is designed and manufactured with various models of indoor pool heat pump. According to your actual requirements, try to consider the comprehensive utilization of energy, and make a pool suitable for you.

1. Healthy and comfortable swimming pool: the indoor swimming pool meets the requirements of human comfort in terms of water quality, temperature and humidity, lighting, irritant smell, etc., reflecting its level.

High quality water color gives people a great sense of comfort. When the water quality of the swimming pool must be crystal clear, it needs to be treated with ozonation and light. During water treatment, adding a small amount of sodium hypochlorite is beneficial to keep the water crystal clear. The pool is equipped with ozonation treatment and ozone removal device, which can greatly reduce the amount of sodium hypochlorite in the water body, so as to effectively reduce the content of chlorine in the indoor air and reduce the stimulation of chlorine smell on human body.

2. Energy saving swimming pool: in winter, in order to avoid a large amount of energy waste caused by the common ventilation method, a special heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier for swimming pool is used, which integrates the three functions of pool water heating, dehumidification and air conditioning, and can control the indoor space humidity within the range of 55-70% of human comfort, while for the indoor swimming pool water temperature is generally controlled within 26-28 ℃ (swimming) According to the code for water supply and drainage design of swimming pools and water amusement pools, the air temperature is 1-2 ℃ higher than the water temperature.

3. Intelligent swimming pool: fully automatic operation, convenient management. The use of hybrid "three in one" pool dedicated heat pump constant temperature dehumidifier can make the pool area of the club be managed separately and meet the air conditioning needs of indoor constant temperature pool in four seasons, which greatly facilitates the management of equipment operation. The control part of heat pump mainly includes water temperature controller, room temperature controller and humidity controller. The automatic control system can realize automatic remote control, and can set indoor temperature and humidity and pool water temperature at will, which has reached the use requirements, and the use of dew point temperature sensor can avoid condensation of indoor glass window and external wall as much as possible.

In a word, in different positions of the indoor swimming pool, considering the adaptability of the human body's five senses, every part of the swimming pool is considered by swimmers. With the design concept of quality, performance and energy saving, the indoor swimming pool will bring you more and more charm. Your investment will not only bring rich returns, but also a new experience of enjoying life!

The three in one heat pump series is a product specially developed for indoor swimming pool. It integrates air conditioning, dehumidification and pool water heating, recovers and comprehensively uses energy, overcomes many problems such as high humidity and high chlorine environment, and achieves efficient and energy-saving operation through the change of operation mode in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Its working principle is as follows:

The working principle of the three integrated heat pump, in short, is to recycle the evaporation heat loss of the pool water surface, transfer it into the pool water and air, make up the heat loss of the pool water and air, and realize the air conditioning dehumidification function. Its working procedure can be roughly divided into two steps:

In the first step, the warm and humid air flows through the lower part of the heat pipe heat exchanger and the evaporator, the temperature drops, the warm water vapor condenses and forms cold water drops to separate from the air, so that the air is dry and dry, and the air dehumidification function is realized; at the same time, the heat energy released during the air cooling, water vapor condensation and cooling process is absorbed by the refrigerant.

In the second step, the heat energy absorbed by the refrigerant is firstly heated by the heat exchanger to realize the pool water heating function; the waste heat is heated by the upper part of the heat pipe heat exchanger and the air condenser to achieve the air insulation function.

Because the heat energy will be transmitted through the walls and windows, and the air flow will be lost when the heat energy generated by the pool dedicated heat pump type constant temperature dehumidifier is not enough to meet the requirements, the auxiliary air heater can supplement the heat energy required by the indoor heating. It only needs to provide its own operation electric energy, which is special for swimming pool.

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