The importance of filter sand tank in swimming pool water treatment engineering
The importance of filter sand tank in swimming pool water treatment engineering

With the high incidence of changeable climate in recent years, the situation of drought is more and more. In 2011, there was a severe drought in the southwest, and in the spring of 2012, there was a severe drought in the Yangtze River. The drought situation forced the development of water related industries to the road of environmental protection and sustainable development. For pool water treatment project, circulating water treatment is a key to reduce cost and improve service quality.

The water treatment requirements in the swimming pool project are not too high. Physically, the water quality is required to be clear, the turbidity is less than 2 degrees, and there is no green algae. The chemical properties of soluble salts should be up to standard. These salts include ammonia nitrogen, copper sulfate, residual chlorine, urea, etc. At the same time, the pH of swimming pool water should be kept within a standard range, and the number of bacteria per unit volume should be below a standard number.

Filtration sand tank is an important equipment in the water treatment project of swimming pool. It is a container for removing suspended solids in water with quartz sand material. When it is applied to the swimming pool water treatment project, it can easily remove the physical impurities such as hair, scurf, formed green algae and so on. If there are more iron ions in the water, the method of prefabricating flocculant can be used to combine the iron ions with flocculant to form flocculent sediment, and then filter the iron ions through the sand tank.

Features of filter sand tank:

The filter sand cylinder is a kind of pressure vessel in working state. It requires a considerable pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water in order to have enough pressure to make the water flow through the sand layer. When the dirt above the sand layer accumulates to a certain extent, it will increase the resistance to the flow, and the result is that the outflow flow is significantly reduced. In order to make the filter sand tank more efficient, we need to backwash it regularly. Remove the dirt from the sand layer in time. Another important method is to use a water pump with a slag basket. The utility model can filter out large sundries such as hair in the water before the water reaches the filtering sand tank. If the temperature of the sauna water exceeds 45 ℃, Chiba water equipment company suggests that you can use stainless steel pump or iron pump with fluorine lining inside the pump shell. Of course, considering both flow and head, pumps should be in the scope of centrifugal pumps.


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