After the epidemic, we must insist on swimming
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After the epidemic, we must insist on swimming

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia is threatening. After a series of policy initiatives, efforts of the whole nation to fight epidemic diseases and epidemic prevention, good news continues, and new confirmed cases are returned to zero nationwide. In the most difficult critical period, prevention and control cannot be relaxed. We are confident that we will overcome the epidemic as soon as possible under the strength of this united front.

Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department of Shanghai Huashan Hospital, put forward in his speech "let the influenza virus stop raging, the truth you should know" that "it is human immunity to fight against the new invading virus". No matter how advanced the equipment and means, in essence, it is to support patients to win the replication process of the virus, so that the human immune system can regain the advantages and carry out the next self-defense.

Under the epidemic situation, we can more realize the importance of having a good immune system and health.

Immunity is the body's own defense mechanism. The immunity of human body mostly depends on genetic genes, but the influence of environment is also great.

Although the determinants make everyone face different immune system crises, the coping strategies are also different. However, there are common auxiliary methods to ensure the immune system to work better: balanced diet, good sleep, moderate exercise, maintaining a peaceful mind, etc.

1.Promote digestion and absorption

Swimming can enhance the secretory function of digestive gland, make the stomach peristalsis regularly, promote the digestive function, and enhance the absorption of nutrition. Moreover, swimming needs to consume more calories. After swimming, appetite will increase, and the situation of partial and picky eating will also be improved.

It is not suitable to swim on an empty stomach, so on the basis of diversified food and balanced diet, it can promote digestion and absorption through swimming, so as to ensure that the human body generates sufficient immune cells and molecules.

2.Improve sleep quality

In this special Spring Festival holiday, whether staying up late "lying down is to make contributions to the country" or insomnia caused by anxiety under the epidemic situation, the work and rest are irregular and the quality of sleep is greatly reduced.

Staying up late will affect the body's biological clock, immune system response ability and defense ability. Research shows that one week of continuous sleep deprivation will have an impact on more than 700 genes essential to health, and then have a long-term impact on health.

Swimming will release the important hormone regulating human sleep, as well as the feeling of fatigue after swimming will make you feel sleepy; swimming can promote blood circulation, adjust the excitation and inhibition of the central nervous system, so as to restore balance, so as to improve sleep quality and sleep better.

When we go into deep sleep, the efficiency of cerebrospinal fluid to remove the metabolic waste of brain cells will increase 10-20 times. This function may be conducive to the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, which is also a kind of self-defense and repair of human body.

3.Follow the principle of moderation

The body with low immunity is easy to be infected or suffer from cancer; the supernormal immunity will also produce harmful results, such as allergic reactions, autoimmune diseases and so on.

Therefore, swimming needs to master the balance and follow the principle of moderation. Generally speaking, the average person can swim for about 40 minutes each time, which can be extended to 1-2 hours, 3-5 times a week, mainly depending on the individual's physical condition, to avoid excessive, long-term high intensity.

4.Adjust your mind

Under the national anti epidemic situation, no matter the relevant measures on the Internet or in the reality, they all affect your mentality more or less, such as tension, uneasiness and anxiety. These psychological changes will affect your immunity through the plant nervous system and endocrine system, and the immune system's ability to resist pathogens will be reduced, which makes you more vulnerable to infection.

At the same time, severe psychological changes will cause many physical and mental diseases, such as insomnia, headache, blood pressure fluctuations, stomach discomfort, intestinal dysfunction and so on. These diseases will further weaken the body's resistance, so it is necessary to maintain a peaceful mind.

The whole body coordinated swimming makes the respiratory center of the cerebral cortex highly excited, which virtually distracts other attention, gradually relaxes the muscles, and thus regulates the tense mood.

hrough the friction and impact of water flow on the body, a special massage method is formed, which can excrete the negative psychological factors that have side effects on the body and restore the positive and healthy psychological state.

When the virus is raging

It's hard to improve the immune system quickly in a short period of time

That's what we need

Choose a healthy lifestyle to gradually improve

At the same time of keeping moderate swimming

Improve sleep, promote digestion and absorption, and restore a positive attitude······

It can be said that there are more than one stroke

So for us

Can have a good immune system, a healthy body

After the outbreak

Let's stick to swimming together!

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