Amazing swimming pool in the world
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Amazing swimming pool in the world

Gorgeous visual shock, and the surrounding beautiful environment complement each other, infinite pool is undoubtedly a beautiful man-made pool. Sit down, relax, travel around the world through our camera lens and enjoy 22 amazing infinite pools.

Infinity pool (also known as negative bank, zero bank, invisible bank or disappearing bank pool) refers to a swimming pool or reflection pool, which can create a visual effect that the water surface extends to the horizon, disappears or extends to "infinity". It exists in various gorgeous or overseas resorts, private properties or advertisements. The concept of infinite pool is said to have originated in Bali, Indonesia, where the dramatic visual effect of the ubiquitous rice terraces directly inspired the design of infinite pool.

1. Unlimited pool of Golden Triangle Resort - Qinglai, Thailand

2. Murni's villa infinity pool - ubu, Bali

  3. Infinity pool of maniara Lake Hotel - Africa, Tanzania

 4. KANDALAMA Hotel infinite pool - danbula, Sri Lanka

  5. Unlimited pool in Tuscany, Italy

  6. Cauanxi waterfall Luang Prabang infinite pool, Laos (natural pool)

  7. Arilaub Hotel infinity pool - Bali, Indonesia

8. Sheraton Waikiki Hotel infinite pool - Hawaii

 9. Villa Mahal Hotel infinity pool - Turkey

  10. Unlimited water pool in Greenland - Maldives

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